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G.W Glass & Aluminium

G.W. Glass & Aluminium is a leader in the manufacture, supply and installation of aluminium products.


We sell glass & aluminium products to the domestic and industrial market.


No job is too big or too small for us.


G. W. Glass & Aluminium supplies high quality glass and aluminium products with efficiency and with great customer service.


Our superior workmanship, coupled with highly controlled and managed teams, result in efficiency and experience being delivered every time.

G.W. Glass & Aluminium uses proprietary systems and procedures to ensure completion of quality construction projects on time, every time.


We manufacture aluminium products, so if you need custom made aluminium products there is no additional cost incurred to you.

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Thanks for you dedication.

Lucy -Sunward Park





You guys are Superstars!!!






Great experience dealing with a company that knows what they are doing at a reasonable price too.



Amazing quality and Service.






GW Glass & Aluminium is proud to say that we are the preferred supplier in some of the biggest leading brands:


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