Building a new home is no longer a simple process from the design point of view. Before the options for door frames, doors, windows and other fittings were very limited, with all window and door frames being wood and all doors being wood. These days you can choose from a variety of styles , colours and materials. Aluminium doors and windows have become a popular choice for those designing their homes, or even for commercial use and with good reason. If you are considering aluminium doors and windows for your home please be sure to read up on all the benefits of this material.

These home or commercial property you are wishing to build will most certainly have been designed with a certain architectural design in mind. The door frames, doors and windows would then be a key element in the design of the house and the incorrect doors and windows can really kill a look. But besides the aesthetics of the house fittings and finishing’s also need to be chosen for other aspects such as durability, comfort and cost. Aluminium doors and windows are much more durable than wooden frames, they can withstand the elements excellently. Whether you live in a cold or very warm climate by installing aluminium doors and windows you can sleep easily knowing that you will not have replacement costs. The other benefit of aluminium products are that they are light weight and therefore easy to install. Many people prefer doing their home renovations themselves, and if you are the type of D.I.Y person moving and fitting a light weight door may be one of the features which really appeal to you when looking for materials. If you care about taking care of the planet, you would be happy to know that aluminium can be recycled.

They come in different shapes and sizes, colours and finishes. You can get them in matte or glossy and they can also be customised paint finishes according to your wishes. They come in folding and sliding doors and windows and really give a room a clean lined, simple and elegant look.

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